November 12


Today is a special day so I shall do a special blog update. First of all, I will be doing a cafe concert with my 8-hand piano group “The Four Top Notes” at Single Smile Cafe next Thursday. This is a free and informal public concert, so do stop by anytime between 5 and 8pm if you happen to be around.

Among all the 8-hand piano pieces performed is Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No.2. This is an exciting virtuosic piece and I will be playing the primo part (the melody) on piano II. The piece starts slowly but then gradually speeds up towards the end. I had so much fun with this piece during the practice sessions that I decided to learn the original solo version, because when all the crazy notes were divided by four pianist, the piece was (I don’t usually say this) simply not challenging enough for me!

This week is special for me because I made some good progress musically. I have finished Chopin Ballade No. 4 and performed it from memory twice, so I’m hoping to do a new recording on it soon — this time, a video as well! A few things have been holding me back: the piano needs to be tuned, my piano group concerts are coming up, and my jewelry business is starting to get busy  because of the holidays. BUT it will be done. I promise.

Another thing that makes me happy this week is that I am finally able to see my life from a different perspective. All of a sudden I “feel” the world around me changing, although I know it is only me that is changing. I have been working on this for many years and now it’s finally happening. It felt like something inside me “clicked” and changed the direction of my mindset and my whole being, and then from then on I just started to get a little happier each day.  I will talk more about this in the future. I cannot tell you exactly what happened this week, because nothing really happened other than my finishing Chopin Ballade #4 and moving on to Liszt Rhapsody #2, but basically, know that I feel hopeful and look forward to the future, and am at a happy place.

Hope you have a happy 11/11/11  too. 🙂

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  1. By Allison Cecil on

    This is fantastic Mollie! I’m so happy that you are in such a great place in your life! I wish I could come and visit to hear you play!


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