August 17

The Lady Who Calls Me Millie

I have been going to Single Smile Cafe to play a few short pieces and listen to other musicians play almost weekly. Not only do we have regular musicians, we also get some regular audience as well. There is an old lady in the audience who comes every once a while and she seems to really enjoy my playing. Instead of Mollie, she somehow remembered me as Millie. I never corrected her because, I guess, I actually liked that name. Every time, when she sees me, she would ask, “are you going to play today, Millie?” and I would tell her yes. When I finish and go back to my seat, she would ask, “are you going to play more, Millie?” If I  tell her no, she would ask, “will you play more, Millie? I really love it when you play the piano.” She would ask several times until she is certain that I will not play anymore for the night.

After countless hours of practice, I believe that is all a musician wants – to hear the audience ask, “will you play more?”


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