May 30

New Recording Gears

After months of research, I finally made a decision on my first recording equipment kit, and ordered everything online yesterday. Here are the list of the equipments I will be using for future home recordings..


Shure PG27 condenser microphone (I purchased this microphone partly because it was packaged with an X2U signal adapter and I thought an USB adapter is handy to have)

Rode NT5 stereo pair (originally I was thinking about buying Shure KSM137 stereo pair, but they were just a little over my budget. Hopefully Rode NT5 will also do a decent job recording my piano).

Musicians Gear tripod mic Stands w/fixed boom

Monster cable and Mogami silver series cable (wasn’t sure which one was better so I bought both to try out)

Tascam US-800 audio/mini interface (originally was thinking about getting a Tascam DP-008 because of its simplicity and portability, but it only had two condenser microphone inputs and I would need three or more)


I have been using Audacity as my recording software. Since my recordings (classical music on a grand piano) will all be done with minimal editing and mixing, Audacity does pretty much everything I need. However, I recently acquired Adobe Audition CS5.5 from a friend, and after playing with it for a few hours, I realized the benefit of having a more advanced recording software. The “hiss reduction” in Audition easily removed the microphone noise in my old recordings(Chopin Op.9 No.2) without altering the original piano sound. Here are the comparisons…


After applying Hiss Reduction

Being new to home recording, I was pretty amazed by the wonder of modern technology. I also tried to use the noise reduction in Audacity and Audition but it was rather confusing to me and I wasn’t able to make it remove only the microphone noise. The hiss reduction works great. the past two weeks I have been very absorbed in my research, and didn’t get to practice enough. Hopefully the new equipments will motivate me to practice and record more.


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